PINAKI is an all round service provider for maintenance and support services to keep all the IT systems working at an optimum level throughout the business process. The flexible service provided by PINAKI help safeguard the IT investment,integrate the upcoming technologies into the existing environment. PINAKI offers well defined levels for enhancements which works in a proper step by step manner. Service level agreements are there for maintenance of the systems.

Focus on center capabilities: Organizations need to focus around their core abilities and let specific specialist organizations (outsourcing companies) oversee non-center exercises. IT advancement and support, despite the fact that it is basic to all organizations, keeps on being a non-core capacity. Outsourcing can enable associations to focus around procedure while the specialist co-op oversees improvement and tasks.

One of the essential reasons why a business might need to outsource an errand is the point at which it requires talented mastery. To enable you to focus around your core mission in giving a fantastic output and administration to your client offshoring the assignment to individuals who can perform it better bodes well.Workload increments with extra non-core capacities and the nature of your core exercises endures as your business develops. Outsourcing in such situation to an outsider assumes an imperative part by enabling your key assets to center around essential business errands.Outsourcing will enable you to impart any related dangers to your outsourcing accomplices there by decreasing your weight. For instance - by outsourcing to an equipped outsourcing accomplice you diminish the hazard engaged with having a similar undertaking done in-house by staff that may not be as skilled in that field.After you assign undertakings to your outsourcing accomplice, they share the workload of your representatives. This enables you to build up your inward team and utilize them all the more effectively.Seaward outsourcing to a nation like India, which is on an alternate time zone, gives you the additional favorable position of making full utilization of your 24 hour day. Your outsourcing accomplice can assume control and proceed with your work even after your representatives go home. They can finish basic undertakings and send it back for your survey the following day.Give your business a focused edge. A definitive advantage of outsourcing is that it enables your association to pick up a focused edge in the market. Through vital outsourcing to an outsourcing accomplice, you are not just giving your clients best-of breed administrations, however expanding your profitability while dealing with your in-house assets astutely. Outsourcing can enable you to outperform contenders who have not yet understood the advantages of outsourcing.Access to the best specialized ability: Organizations can use the immense ability pool of the specialist co-ops who are ensured in programming for differing dialects and working stages.

Utilitarian mastery: Outsourcing isn't just for innovation skill, specialist co-ops can include an incentive by drawing in groups having practical aptitude in territories like acquirement, store network administration, ERP, money related administrations and so forth.