Banking Services


Your money is our responsibility. Our services are to provide you the best way to use it and save it.

In our computerized age, clients don't need their access to money related data to be constrained by working hours and nearness to tellers. That shut framework mentality has turned out to be obsolete as an ever-increasing number of monetary administrations are being offered outside the physical limit of the bank. We at PINAKI have banking as one of our services where our experts from the banking industry help people with making the process easier and more user friendly. Our aim is to simplify the whole process and make it more transparent.

It's pivotal for the banking industry to move to a more open method for leading business. As buyers grasp more open systems and shared innovations, we should hold onto more open cooperation too.The managing an account and money related administration industry is portrayed with steady business weight, nonstop control, advertise examination and clients and investors interest for operation excellence. With mergers and acquisitions at the cutting edge of the present monetary administration's banks and financial firms require arrangements that can quickening bargain shutting and gainfulness at all levels.
At present we are dealing in :
1. Investment Banking
2. Capital Banking
3. Retail Banking
4. Corporate Banking
5. Consumer Banking